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Milling is to the stationary workpiece is machined by a movable, rotary cutter. Milling used for working both metal and plastic.

Our modern fleet allows us to accommodate small and large series in our mill. Particularly suitable for prototypes and production runs for your business.


SMF Skylt custom manufacturer of enclosures and electronics boxes in small and medium series. You have the idea / design, we have the production resources.

We punch, bend and cut according to customer needs and preferences.

Everything from a supplier – we have our own premises resources to cut, punch, grind, bend, surface, mount fasteners and noticing with screen or laser engraving.


We at SMF-Skylt has extensive experience in welding techniques Mig, Tig, bolt and spot welding. We join almost all kinds of materials based on your needs.


Our automated line for the surface treatment of aluminum provides anodizing, coloring and passivation. The method provides a surface that is corrosion resistant, durable and decorative. After anodizing dyeing can be done in different colours.

The environment is in constant mind, and we strive to reach as environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as possible. We also accept goods for finishing.

Laser engraving

SMF-Skylts large park of NC-controlled laser marking machines and experienced staff allows us to mark on stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Laser engraving is extremely durable

Marking takes place by thermal actuation of a laser beam. The surface layer is worked out or forming an oxide layer, a darker marking. The depth of the marking can be customized as needed.

Large or small edition does not matter

The method used in the labeling of signs, displays, and direct the customer material and suitable for both long and short runs, variable text and logos. The method is especially used for marking serial numbers.

Printing differently

Screen printing

In screen printing, you can press one color at a time, but by pushing new coat of paint on the same material, the final image have infinitely many colors.

Screen printing is used primarily for marking on flat surfaces. Virtually all materials can be screen printed.

Digital printing

With digital printing, we write directly onto the desired material. We digital printing with eco-solvent, UV and latex. Most often protected information carrier for better UV-protection and wear ability.

Need help with your order?

Think about where and on which surface your information carriers should be positioned before ordering. Contact us for more information or visit our help pages where you get tips and advice on materials and surfaces.

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