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Correct material

Do you have own production base or should SMF Skylt produce it?

Our job is to always help you with the best solution for your labeling problems. Take a few minutes and go through these questions, so you can formulate your needs a little clearer when you contact one of our sales representatives.

Contact our sales representatives

Erik Tonér
+46-13-31 64 13
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Håkan Dahlström
Technical Sales
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Monica Gustavsson
Technical Sales
+46-13-31 64 16
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Fredrik Bergström
Technical Sales & Purchase
+46-13-31 64 14
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Choose the right environment!

In what environment will your information carriers be displayed? Inside or outside. In corrosive environments, direct sunlight, moisture?

Choose the right color!

Do you have any special color requirements? Colour code or color samples, paint on panel edges?

Choose the right surface!

On which surface is your information carriers mounted? Metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.


Should further information be provided? 

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