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Our overall concept – all manufacturing within the house walls

AB Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken – SMF Skylt in Linköping – since the beginning in 1916 offered the market quality products within the signs, decals and panels.

Our overall concept – all production within the house walls – combined with high skills, new machines and innovative solutions make us the industry leader.

Quality- and Environmentalpolicy

We at SMF Skylt shall at all times strive for customer satisfaction by delivering the information carrier in time.

SMF Skylt’s employees are trained and committed to quality and environmental management.

We work within set financial limits on continuous systematic improvement at all levels of the organization to develop SMF Skylt.

SMF Skylt’s employees are involved in the determination of all our goals and working to achieve them and set up new ones to meet tomorrow’s demands from our customers.

We at SMF Skylt

  • Strive for zero defects
  • Works to reduced environmental impact
  • Works to reduce resource consumption
  • Works to prevent risks of environmental incidents
  • Takes into account environmental considerations in the development, purchase, new investment and production, so that minimal environmental impact occurs
  • Informs customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on our environment work
  • Feel “contact with customers” and do our utmost to external and internal customers always receive at least what they expect of us
  • See legislation and permit conditions as our minimum requirements

Industry leader since 1916!

AB Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken – SMF Skylt in Linköping – was founded in 1916 and from its beginning has offered quality signs, decals and panels.

Our full-service in-house production combined with high-level competence, innovative solutions and the newest equipment make us an industry leader in the business of information display.

2020 Takes our UR10e robot arm and HAAS VF-4SS integration into operation.

Takes our 3-axis CNC Mills HAAS VF-4SS into operation.

2017 Switches from solvent-based inks to UV-curing inks.
2017 Takes our 2 Gravotech LS900 Fiber laser engraving machines into operation.
2016 Extends our printing department with an ATMACE 710 (G5).
2016 Takes our Grünig G-Wash 104 & 112 into operation to reduce our environmental impact.
2016 Launch of our new Natgraph Freestanding UV Dryer for UV based colors.
2016 Updates our stencil production with a Lüscher MultiDX! 240.
2014 Takes our 4-axis CNC Mills HAAS VF-3SS in operation.
2011 Extends the business of taking MIG, TIG, point and stud welding in operation.
2011 Takes our 3-axis machining Leadwell V-25 in operation.
2010 Takes our Kongsberg i-XE10 Auto cutting unit in operation.
2007 The new line for surface treatment of aluminum is put into operation.
2006 Lars Runbom as new CEO.
2002 Certified to ISO 14001.
1996 Certified to ISO 9001.
1996 SMF-Skylt passed to the current owner Petter Ekwall who since 1989 has been active in SMF Skylts board.

Employees by Eriksson as CEO and in the spring of 1988 he took over the entire operation.

1987 Sold SMF-Skylt to Hans Johansson and Rolf Edmark.
1982 Operations were moved to modern premises in Torvinge.
1975 The then 80-year-old Axel sold the company to Åke Bokegård and Yngve Pettersson, who had run similar operations in Eskilstuna.
1938 Aktiebolaget Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken is formed.
1922 He moved into the farm house at Oskarsgatan 3 at current Travel Center. The number of employees was then 12 people.
1916 Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken was started by Axel Karlsson on the 31st of May in Linköping.

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