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Decals in different formats

A decal carries an informational message and is made of soft vinyl that can be punched or cut into desired shape and size.

Digital printing makes multicolourprinting possibilities endless and the lamination after gives life comparable to a conventional screen-printed decal.

Screenprinting remains and used with advantage to large series.

Mechanical processing

Mounting plates and rear panels are manufactured from flat sheet or profile material, with or without the requirement for a high finish and usually without markings.

We punch, mill, bends, bores and presses or welds screws and spacers. These are then delivered with or without surface treatment.

Enclosures or chassis manufactured to customer documentation and comes in whole or part to the customer, ready for final assembly of electronics.


An overlay panel carries messages and manufactured in any kind of stable plastic material such as polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to external influences.

Equipped with back screen printing, embossing and adhesive tape. The printing is thus protected and the product gives a very professional impression.

Unlike ordinary stickers, printing on the back of the plastic, which means that printing will be protected against mechanical and chemical action.

Shape and hole patterns punched or laser cut, the method chosen depends on the production quantity.

Panels to suit individual preferences

A frontplate to be mounted on the engine or chassis, and where we processed the material mechanically for example by punching, milling and grinding of the surface.

Depending on the material selected surface treatment (anodizing, coloring, passivation, painting) and labeled in the form of screen printing, laser engraving and engraving.

The final product has a high finish.

Vital installations

We manufacture for the Armed Forces and the County Administrative Board designated vital installation sites, we manufacture signs and labels in accordance with the Armed Forces’ protection regulations FFS 2010:5. The sign is with or without reflector and are made of aluminum sheet in a thickness of 0.9 mm. Supplied with or without holes. The decal is printed on soft vinyl for upright or inverted mounting. Request current price list.

Signs with long life

A sign carries an informational message and passes into various shapes, thickness, size and material. We produce everything from small plates to large machine logo plates made of plastic and metal, the material chosen for the environment in which the sign is be installed.

Our main product is anodized aluminium with colour printing where we have the entire production process in house which gives us control over quality, delivery and environmental assurance.

This is used for signs, panels and surface treatment services and provides extremely durable products.

Need help with your order?

Think about where and on which surface your information carriers should be positioned before ordering. Contact us for more information or visit our help pages where you get tips and advice on materials and surfaces.

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